Editorial Session

Details of an Editorial Session by Gypsy Sky Photo House. 

Investment: $700 + $200: Digital Add-On:
50+ Edited Images on USB

This type of session captures our signature style—and yours. We collaborate with you for a detailed, creatively designed look that is full of inspiration and imagination. There is no better way to bring you or your child’s personality to life in pictures.



- 90 Minute Shoot
- Up to 3 Natural Light Locations
- Unique Theme Decided on Together
- Styling Concept Board Preceding the Shoot
- Use of All Props and On-Site Wardrobe
- Hair and Makeup
- (1) 11x14, (2) 8x10, (4) 5x7 Prints
- Online Watermarked Gallery

Creating the Look

First and foremost, we spend time getting to know our clients—whether it’s in person or on the phone. Then, a quick questionnaire and creating an image board will help us understand your goals and vision for the shoot. With your input, we’ll put together the shot list, locations and wardrobe ideas. We’ve got plenty of props and clothing to choose from, but are happy to shop for specific items if desired. Want to add hair and make up? Just ask for a quote.

The Shoot

When you show up to this session, what you’ll notice most are the custom-designed set and arsenal of props we have to interact with. Plus, we’ll have a bit more time to experiment and get creative. In addition to our wardrobe collection, feel free to bring additional clothing of your own. And for hair and make up, make sure to arrive an hour early.


A single session can produce over 150 images. We spend nearly an entire day narrowing down, color correcting and retouching. First we hand select the images that most capture the spirit of the session and the personality of your child or family. Then we carefully edit them to create the most artistic version of each photo.

The Gallery

You’ll receive a sneak peak about 24 hours after your session. Stay tuned for the full gallery, which will arrive within two weeks via Pixie Set along with all of the information you need about ordering.

Product Delivery

We order all prints on Fridays and they arrive by the following Friday. Expect mail or hand delivery depending on where you live.