Limited Edition Session

Details of an Limited Edition Session by Gypsy Sky Photo House. 

Investment: $500

Twice a year, we create an elaborate, highly detailed set and invite children or families to join in the magic (with priority given to existing clients). Picture a wrought iron bed in a field of flowers or a’59 Chevy parked in a meadow. This is a shared day where each child is given a 30-minute block of time to play and have fun on set.

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- 30 Minute Shoot
- 1 Natural Light Location
- Access to On-site Wardrobe and Props
- Online Gallery
- Digital Download of 20 Images

Theme Examples:

- Tea Time
- Field Settings
- Classic Cars
- TeePee Camping
- Gypsy Girl Gatherings

Creating the Look

For this special type of session, we offer access to our extensive wardrobe and prop collection. We will work with you for any additional items you might bring to compliment the selected theme.

The Shoot

These special sessions are characterized by a unique and imaginative set that is a great experience for the kids. This is a great way to capture authentic, memorable moments. Because the day is shared, we ask that you arrive 10 minutes early so we can stay on schedule.


During the editing process, we carefully curate a range of looks for each client from light-hearted interactions with props to beautifully poised headshots. 


The Gallery

Stay tuned for a mini gallery, which will arrive within one week via Pixie Set along with all of the information you need about ordering.

Product Delivery: 

Prints will be available for order through our gallery and delivered to you directly.